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pothole rapid

The pothole crisis on UK roads is growing,

and it is time to find a solution.

a Revolutionising Pothole Repair Material

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A Revolutionising Pothole Repair Material

The pothole crisis on UK roads is growing, and it is time to find a solution.

Black Gold 15 is a groundbreaking pothole repair system, designed with sustainability and environmental responsibility in mind. The revolutionary approach to tackling this problem uses a cutting-edge alternative to outdated tarmac-based methods, resulting in durable pothole repairs at a fraction of the cost and a reduced carbon footprint.

Key Features:

  1) Enhanced Durability

Black Gold 15's advanced resin-based formula offers durable pothole repairs that promise a long-lasting improvement

to the safety of the UK's roads.

  2) versatile compatibility

The specifically designed pothole repair technique is compatible with various road surfaces and materials. Black Gold 15's unique formula adheres seamlessly to surrounding road surfaces and utility metal substrates, resulting in the adaptable repair of potholes of any size or shape.

3) simple application

As Black Gold 15 has an easy application method, it results

in a reduction in the time and disruption associated with road repairs. The simple process minimises the time and labour cost involved in restoring safe road surfaces and requires little retraining of workers. Using Black Gold 15, pothole repair becomes quick and efficient, greatly minimising inconvenience to road users.

the solution

is simple

black gold 15

a Revolutionising Pothole Repair Material

and better for the environment

4) environmental compliance

One of the major focus points in the development of Black Gold 15 has been on minimising the negative impact road repairs have on the environment. The outdated tarmac methods in current use result in damaged tarmac being removed and placed in landfill sites. Black Gold 15 will erase this issue and make a huge impact on the UK net zero policy that is being implemented. The use of Black Gold 15 also has a significantly lower carbon footprint than traditional tarmac-based repairs, further reducing the damage done to the environment.

5) cost efficiency

Due to the long-lasting durability of the Black Gold 15 formula, the cost of road maintenance, labour hours and materials involved with tarmac methods of repair will be reduced considerably. The solution offers a one-time repair process, avoiding the need to re-repair damaged road surfaces which is currently an ongoing, expensive issue.

6) enhanced public image

Choosing Black Gold 15 demonstrates a commitment to progress. Potholes have long been a widely-known danger to motorists, and taking responsibility to rectify the problem, reduce the cost to taxpayers and decrease environmental damage will display the duty of care local councils owe their community.

the conclusion

Black Gold 15 represents a significant step forward in tackling the pothole crisis, offering an innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective alternative to outdated tarmac-based methods.


By choosing Black Gold 15, you are not only investing in a long-lasting road maintenance solution but also the commitment to improving the safety of UK roads. In doing so, you will reduce the cost, environmental impact and danger to motorists currently associated with the pothole crisis.


the problem today

The Problem Today

The ever-decreasing council budgets and funding focusing on the safety of UK roads are leaving road users in danger.  Without this funding, the due diligence required to maintain UK roads is not available, resulting in a rise in surface damage and potholes. 

Since the majority of repairs carried out on UK roads are not permanent, cracks, potholes and craters often reappear in just a few months, meaning that yet more funding is needed to rectify the problem. Elements such as the lack of time, preparation and quality materials that go into these quick fixes are issues that need to be addressed in order to rectify the growing crisis.

The ever-decreasing council budgets and funding focusing on the safety of UK roads are leaving road users in danger.  Without this funding, the due diligence required to maintain UK roads is not available, resulting in a rise in surface damage and potholes. 

The Problem

The Future Problem

The Government’s push for local authorities to reduce their carbon footprint has seen a rise in the use of electric vehicles across the UK. A recent analysis by The Telegraph has shown that Electric cars damage roads twice as much as their petrol equivalents, directly contributing to the pothole crisis on Britain’s roads.


As the pothole crisis grows, the means to fight back has diminished, with last year seeing half as many filled in comparison to a decade ago amid an estimated £12 billion price tag to fill them all.


Road industry bodies have raised fears that the rise in the use of electric cars will exacerbate the pothole problem on residential roads. The number of electric cars has tripled to over 900,000 since 2019 ahead of the Government's 2030 ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars as part of its net zero drive. This means that the risk of damage to UK roads has tripled too.

The Telegraph's study found that the average electric car puts 1.95 more stress on roads than their diesel equivalents and as much as 2.24 times more damage than petrol cars. Larger vehicles weighing more than 2,000kg (2 tons) cause the most damage, with 2.32 times more wear to our roads.


As many as four in every five miles driven will be done so by electric cars by 2035, according to estimates by the Department for Transport. 

the solution

Black Gold 15 can be a cost-effective

carbon-reducing solution that contributes significantly to tackling this crisis,

making a long-lasting positive impact on the

safety of roads in England and Wales.

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the future problem

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the solution

The solution is simple: Black Gold 15,

revolutionising road repair using sustainable resin-based solutions.

The United Kingdom is facing a growing crisis when it comes to road maintenance, with potholes posing a significant danger to motorists and a financial challenge for local authorities. Traditional tarmac, while effective in some respects, has proven to be a costly and temporary solution to this ongoing issue. This is where Black Gold 15 comes in. The innovative resin-based product offers a sustainable and long-lasting alternative to traditional road repair methods, making roads safe again and tackling the weighty cost of outdated alternatives.

Our solution represents a significant advancement in road repair technology, utilising a unique resin-based formula that provides numerous benefits over conventional tarmac. Its unique composition not only offers a more durable and reliable solution for repairing potholes but also addresses critical environmental concerns associated with traditional road surfacing materials.

Sustainability is at the core of Black Gold 15's design.

This resin-based product significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with road repair activities, creating a greener solution to Britain's pothole crisis. Traditional tarmac production is well known to generate high levels of carbon emissions, contributing to environmental degradation and climate change. In contrast, our solution is engineered to minimise its environmental impact, aligning with the UK's commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable infrastructure solutions.

In addition to the obvious environmental benefits, Black Gold 15's resin-based composition offers exceptional durability, ensuring that repaired roads maintain their integrity over an extended period. The product's resistance to temperature variations, water damage, and wear and tear makes it a clear choice for addressing the UK's pothole crisis. Unlike traditional tarmac, which often deteriorates rapidly under harsh weather conditions, our product provides long-lasting results, reducing the need for frequent and costly road repairs.

Beyond its sustainability and durability, our product is also designed to streamline the road repair process. Its quick and efficient application can minimise disruption to traffic flow and reduce the overall time and resources required for repair projects. The easy application process means that very little retaining of workers is required, making it swift and cost-effective to prepare the workforce for the change. This allows local authorities to address potholes and road surface issues in a more timely and affordable manner, enhancing the safety and usability of the UK's road network.

pothole rapid patch -

easy to use, cheaper and better for the environment

The Solution

The revolutionary Black Gold 15 resin-based formula offers a versatile and customisable solution for road repair. Whether used for filling potholes, resurfacing roads, or addressing other pavement issues, the product can be adapted to meet diverse infrastructure requirements, providing a comprehensive approach to maintaining and enhancing the country's road network.

Overall, our product represents a transformative solution to the pothole crisis in the UK. Its resin-based technology offers a sustainable, durable, and efficient alternative to traditional tarmac, addressing critical environmental concerns while providing long-term benefits for the road infrastructure and the communities it serves.

As the UK continues to seek innovative approaches to infrastructure challenges, our solution stands as a beacon of progress, offering a new standard in sustainable road repair solutions. By embracing this groundbreaking product and paving the way to a more resilient and environmentally responsible future, the solution for the pothole crisis on UK roads is within reach, making Britain's roads safe again.

Black Gold 15 formulation enables the material to chemically bond to all metal substrates Man Hole covers, Grids and Storm Drains etc 

We are dedicated to supporting local authorities, transportation agencies, and construction professionals in their efforts to build and maintain roads that meet the highest standards of durability, safety,

and environmental responsibility. Together, we can put an end to the UK's pothole crisis.

Contact us for more information about how our solution can revolutionise road repair and contribute to a sustainable infrastructure.

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