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pothole rapid

A Revolutionising Pothole Repair Material

The pothole crisis on UK roads is growing,

and it is time to find a solution.


Black Gold 15's Pothole Rapid Repair Kit is a three-pack resin-based repair that can be applied from ambient temperatures down to cold and damp conditions. The repaired areas can be returned to normal service in as little as 20 minutes. No specialist equipment is required, Pothole Rapid Patch application takes place with just a mixer drill and a trowel. The repairs to road surfaces can be simply and successfully carried out by one man, with limited training required. Available in 10kg and 20 kg sizes. Standard colour is black but other colours are available if requested, subject to order size and formulation constraints.


•  Tarmac repair
•  Car park pothole repairs
•  Footpath repairs
•  Outdoor repairs only

•  Private driveways
•  High-traffic areas
•  Concrete repair work  


•  Cured in 20 -25 minutes and ready for traffic at 15°C. Cures faster in warmer temperatures

•  Excellent bond strength - Chemically bonds to tarmac

•  Highly durable repair - will outlast tarmac repairs

•  Preparation required is minimal. No need to prime, simply brush out loose material, mix components and apply

•  Built-in flexibility to work with the surrounding environment

•  Freeze and thaw stable

•  Excellent chemical resistance

•  No need for hot mixes - safer for workers

•  Slip resistance with the addition of non-slip aggregate after application

•  No damage or erosion caused by road salts

•  Can be made available in various colours upon request

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Ensure all surfaces are dry. Brush out any loose material  using a stiff brush.  Self-priming material requires  no primer application before use.


step by step-03.png
step by step-01.png

Pour the B Pack activator into the A Pack resin. Mix thoroughly using a drill and paddle for three minutes, ensuring complete solution uniformity. Pay attention to mixing the sides and base of the container. Once mixed, resin and activator instantly start reacting. Working time is approximately 5 – 10 minutes after mixing.


Pour and scrape out the required material amount into the hole to be filled and smooth with a metal trowel. Speed of cure is temperature dependent. The repair can take traffic in as little as 20 mins between 20°C and 25°C and 25-30 mins at 14°C and below. Repairs are slip-resistant, but further anti-slip properties are achievable by applying the C Pack non-slip aggregate over the finished repair immediately after towelling.


Thoroughly clean tools using a standard cleaning solvent.

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We are dedicated to supporting local authorities, transportation agencies, and construction professionals in their efforts to build and maintain roads that meet the highest standards of durability, safety,

and environmental responsibility. Together, we can put an end to the UK's pothole crisis.

Contact us for more information about how our solution can revolutionise road repair and contribute to a sustainable infrastructure.

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